Shopper-centric approach

ACDOCO SA is focused on creating consumer demand. Without consumer demand there’s no pull from the shelf.

We look at all opportunities for greater consumption – where we can reach more consumers and what motivates them to use more and buy more. We also explore the entire chain of consumption: the consumer who ultimately uses the product, the shopper who buys it, and the retailer they buy it from. Applying advanced, proprietary analytics and tracking tools that dig way down to deliver bankable insights, we formulate successful shopper, category, retailer and channel strategies.

ACDOCO SA’s suite of automated and scheduled reports includes:

Thinking like shoppers, leading like lieutenants

ACDOCO SA gets to the heart of shopper and consumer behaviour and understands the art and science of creating demand and converting at shelf.

We target consumer markets and distribution channels precisely to deliver unparalleled growth. And the results speak for themselves: consistent double-digit value growth, year on year and doubling return on investment.

Our niche lies with new and challenger brands and, through our category lieutenancy approach, propelling them to leadership positions.